Van Vicker Foundation

 The Van Vicker Foundation is dedicated to promoting the progress of the youth through education, music, sports, film making. Our mission is to support and inspire our young people to develop themselves and become prominent, productive members of society.Founded by ace actor Van Vicker, VVF is dedicated to motivating young people in identifying their future through education, performing arts, creativity, enrichment activities, intellectual capabilities, and team work. We strongly believe that this can be done through the arts, sports, and creative opportunities. 

Divine Entertainment International

 Divine Entertainment International is an industry leading company which provides superior professional services in Film Production Solutions, Talent Management, Agent Representation, and Industry-level Training for the African Movie Industry. With many years of collaborated knowledge, skills and experience, we combine industry-recognized techniques with innovative career-driven strategies to deliver the highest level solutions for our client’s respective needs. We specialize in resources that provide the leading-edge to define, market and promote talent and services. Our mission is to enhance the African Movie Industry by developing, implementing and promoting the highest solutions of professional services that will provide the edge to elevate our artists to the next level . Divine Entertainment has co-produced films such as “When One Door Closes”, Skinned (Directed by Lisa Raye McCoy), Twin Flames, and the like. 

Sky + Orange

 Sky + Orange Production is a multimedia production company based in Accra, Ghana. Our goal is to produce high quality films that will aid in the improvement of the African movie industry. We also facilitate the grooming and training of qualified actors/actresses that can lead our industry into the next millineum. To date, Sky Orange has produced 4 films and 1 in post production: Friday Night, Raj, The Hands of Time, Joni Waka, Bendu Sudan, Day After Death (in post production). Additionally, we have 2 films scheduled to be shot later on this year, one of which deals with Female Genital Mutilization in Africa. The company’s CEO is ace actor cum producer/director Van Vicker and he, along with his partner, Dr. Kulah, are dedicated to building a movie empire that Africa can be proud of.