About Us

 The Van Vicker School of Performing Arts is a program that is dedicated to providing an outlet of fine and performing arts education to the children, youth, and young adults of Liberia. The program is designed to educate artists and future artists with practical, hands-on experiences in the performing and fine arts: film, music (voice coaching, piano, guitar, drum lessons), acting, dance (Praise, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, African, Chinese, Lebanese), musical theater, just to name a few. The dance component of our program will comprise of a dance company that is designed to train professional dancers that can compete as dance professionals anywhere in the world, making us a school like none other in West Africa. Our school is established by highly skilled Liberians with over 20 plus years of experience in the arts, music, dance, film, etc. Our program was birthed out of our desire to give back to the youth and young adults of Liberia, our homeland.