The Team


    Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah is a college professor, producer, performing arts director, dancer, writer. She is the CEO of Divine Entertainment International and has taught dance/theater for over 20 years and produced numerous films such as Paparazzi, 30 Days in Atlanta (highest grossing film in the history of Nigerian cinema). She has collaborated with Hollywood greats such as Lynn Whitfield, Vivica Fox, just to name a few. Dr. Kulah is also the writer, Executive Producer, and co producer of Skinned, a critically acclaimed film directed by Lisa Ray McCoy. Quite recently, Dr. Kulah teamed up with Van Vicker and Hollywood’s Roger Bobb (producer of 11 of Tyler Perry’s films and 6 tv shows) to producer Providence. Providence was directed by Roger Bobb and produced by Dr. Kulah and Van Vicker. It stars Hollywood’s Demetria McKinney, Lisa Wu, and Van. Providence is about the history of Liberia and is scheduled to be release in December of 2017.  


 Van Vicker is one of Africa’s hottest actors. This award winning actor/director has received formal training at the New York Film Academy.  Van has served as the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador to Ghana, a Globacom ambassador and a former icon for Belaqua in Ghana. He is also the Founder/CEO of the Van Vicker Foundation, which is dedicated to cultivating the minds of young children and providing aid to the underprivileged. Van has been featured in over 100 films, produced and directed at 6 of them and is the owner and CEO of Sky+Orange Production, a film company dedicated to telling award winning stories. 

SHARYN SHIELDS (Drama, Acting, Writing, Voice Instructor)

An author, motivational speaker and Healthy Relationships Educator, Sharyn Shields has trained youth and adults both nationally and internationally, equipping them with the tools necessary to build healthy relationships and discover a life of meaning and purpose. Sharyn is a consultant for several teen initiatives and has been instrumental in designing a ‘life skills’ curriculum, empowering youth to live a healthy, sexual risk avoidance lifestyle, and imparting skills to make healthier life choices. A passion for different cultures, Sharyn has travelled to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the West Indies, working with youth and adults in achieving self-sufficiency and the discovery of purpose. As an actress and singer she has worked professionally both on and off screen and has had the privilege of using the performing arts for youth at risk of delinquency and other problem behaviors, combining professional arts training with interpersonal communication skills, and conflict resolution education. Sharyn is an Actress and singer and has appeared in movies such as Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, Walt Disney’s Selma Lord Selma and South Korea’s lovable movie, Papa! Sharyn is also a writer and author and a nominee for Georgia Author of the Year Award. Her children’s book, The Wisdom of Dr. Soles, about a warehouse of shoes trying to discover their purpose in life, was also featured in Publisher’s Weekly. She has also written a memoir where by, she encourages single fathers to develop healthy relationships with their children.    


Zubin Cooper is a media professional who has worked in and around film and television since the mid 90’s. He’s worked in many different capacities in the film industry. These include producer, camera man, writer, actor, etc. He has participated in many projects in Liberia such as An Uncivil War, Iron Ladies of Liberia, The Last Face, The Team, Tabella, and quite recently, Providence, a film centered on his beloved continent in the West African sub-region.     


Clemencian Tor is an international dancer and choreographer from Liberian descent. Her parents moved to California from Liberia while pregnant with her, where she had her first taste of performing with Sierre Leone artist by the name of Bosco Banks. It wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta Georgia when she started her technical training at the age of 15 in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop. Her professional career began at Gotta Dance Studio in Atlanta in 2008 where she learned from greats such as Cici Kelley, Quincy Lamar, Sean Bankhead, and Rikki McKinney, just to name a few. She is currently traveling and touring the world teaching Afrobeats and dancing background dancing for artists such as the king of Soca Machel Montano. She is also currently the choreographer for Nigerian artist Marenikae. Other interests include photography, modeling, make up artistry. After much accomplishments, she looks forward to coming back to her family’s home country of Liberia and giving back to this amazing country through her gift of dance. 


Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves, Jr. (PARTNER)

  Rev.Dr.Samuel Reeves, Jr. (PARTNER) Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves is an inspiring man with a hope-filled vision of faith,a powerful community leader, a theological scholar, and a transformational pastor. He is also a family man and Senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church, where he’s been serving for the past 12 years. His outreach ministries ring preferential treatment for the poor, the vulnerable, and hurting. His ministries feed over 500 people. Dr. Reeves has built the DeVos Village, comprising of a medical center, high school, an IT Center, a water company, a farm, and housing units, located in Bo-Waterside.    

Ms. Charlesetta Williams (PARTNER)

   Ms. Charlesetta Williams is a licensed social worker. She holds a Masters Degree and serves as CEO of HealthPage Liberia Inc, an NGO that is dedicated to airlifting vulnerable children from Liberia to receive medical services in various countries. To date, Ms. Williams has helped to save the lives of many burn victims, kids with serious deformities and rectal illnesses.